The company Alvi Technik SRL has begun to operate in 2014 due to a governmental start-up program by young entrepreneurs. The company’s core competences are the single-item and series production on CNC machines, welding constructions and the execution of technical analyses in the fields of metals and other alloys.

We process and work in excellent conditions with various materials, such as: stainless steel, steel, alloys, aluminum, brass, castings and technical plastics - from unique products to the series of tens, hundreds or thousands of pieces that are assimilated in manufacturing in a short time to the same qualitative parameters, using its own CNC center.

Our CNC production activity is carried out in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), where using precision CNC machines and having an experienced team, we make to a high quality standard pieces of round bars, hexagonal bars, square or rectangular profiles, L, T profiles. , I, U, thin / thick wall pipes, welded / precision pipes, etc.


The high quality of the parts processed by us on CNC vertical lathes and centers, recommends us to customers from the automotive, energy, food, automotive, pharmaceutical, hydraulic and robotics industries in Romania, Germany, Austria, Holland, France, Belgium.

With the support of the collaborating companies, Alvi Technik can also satisfy requests regarding thermal treatments (gas and ionic nitriding, cementation, improvement etc.) and surface (eloxing, zinc, chrome plating, black oxidation, electrostatic field painting) for the parts processed by cutting , so we deliver finished parts to our customers.


The continuous improvement of the Quality Management System represents an additional guarantee that Alvi Technik has the managerial and organizational capacity to meet the current and future needs of our clients.


Until the effective implementation of the necessary procedures, the quality assurance is guaranteed by conventional equipment (micrometers, gauges) that guarantees the accuracy of the parts executed from the moment they are put into production until completion.


At this moment, our partnership with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca helps us in the effective application of the procedures necessary for quality control and the efficient use of modern technologies. We are currently implementing the Quality Management System in accordance with the standard SR EN ISO 9001: 2008.


For the dimensional verification and the conditions of appearance of the executed parts, our company has a wide range of modern measuring and control tools within a specialized department. For the approval of products with a high degree of complexity and precision, we are able to perform very accurate measurements on a three-dimensional measuring machine that is provided by the laboratory of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.


The measurements are certified by issuing a bulletin containing the results of the verified dimensions, generated by the three-dimensional measuring machine.


For each order, sheets of measurements are drawn up accompanying the delivered products, products that are preserved and packaged in such a way as to protect the processed surfaces and edges.


Because transparency is one of our strengths, we provide visitors and potential customers with the information they seek so that they have a clearer picture of Alvi Technik SRL.


The main objectives of our company are:


- Maintaining the portfolio of clients and developing it by attracting new companies from the country and from abroad;

- Strengthening the current partnerships;

- Continuous improvement of technological processes;

- Purchase of measuring equipment in coordinates;

- Purchase of modern equipment, to respond as quickly as possible to the requests of our clients.


Our clients are of major importance to us.


In this context, we present a series of principles that guide the activity within our organization:


- The priority of all employees is to ensure the quality of the products and services made;

- Combating corruption in any situation;

- Impartiality in the decisions taken by the heads of departments and departments;

- Honesty in observing the laws and regulations of the internal order;

- Appropriate conduct in resolving a conflict of interest;

- Loyal competition;

- Professional confidentiality at all levels;

- The integrity of the individual by ensuring working conditions;

- Responsibility towards the community;

- Environmental protection.


- Each piece is treated according to the specific features, in order to ensure the best quality;

- The technology used by us is updated according to the latest researches in the field, ensuring a high efficiency in production;

- Our staff is specialized;

- The stock of materials we own reduces the execution time of the parts;

- Through the diversity of the latest generation CNC machines we can ensure the processing of a diverse range of products;

- We contact our clients personally so that we respond as accurately as possible to their needs;

- In order to diminish the possible non-conformities of the parts to be executed, we collaborate directly with the technical personnel of our clients;

- We collaborate with the Technical University, as well as with the Aurel Vlaicu School Group;

- Alvi Technik SRL can facilitate the transport of the goods, which ensures a faster access to the executed parts.

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