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Integrated services in the field of

mechanical machining on

CNC vertical lathes and centers



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Precision CNC milling

The execution is made with the help of CNC type machines that have a high precision, thus creating parts at a high quality level.

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Mechanical processing

We process in excellent conditions various materials, such as: stainless steel, steel, alloys, aluminum, brass, castings and technical plastics.

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Precision CNC turning

The high performance equipment we have allows us to perform complex drilling, threading and / or thickening operations.

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Assisted design

We provide assistance in designing parts for the CNC execution process and we offer specialised consulting services in this field.


Protection and treatment

We offer the possibility of protecting and treating surfaces by: blasting, painting, polishing, zinc, nickel, browning or tempering.

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Integrated services

Integrated services in the field of CNC machining, welded construction, measurement, control and technical analysis.



The company Alvi Technik SRL has begun to operate in 2014 due to a governmental start-up program by young entrepreneurs. The company’s core competences are the single-item and series production on CNC machines, welding constructions and the execution of technical analyses in the fields of metals and other alloys.

We process and work in excellent conditions with various materials, such as: stainless steel, steel, alloys, aluminum, brass, castings and technical plastics - from unique products to the series of tens, hundreds or thousands of pieces that are assimilated in manufacturing in a short time to the same qualitative parameters, using its own CNC center.

Our CNC production activity is carried out in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), where using precision CNC machines and having an experienced team, we make to a high quality standard pieces of round bars, hexagonal bars, square or rectangular profiles, L, T profiles. , I, U, thin / thick wall pipes, welded / precision pipes, etc.


The high quality of the parts processed by us on CNC vertical lathes and centers, recommends us to customers from the automotive, energy, food, automotive, pharmaceutical, hydraulic and robotics industries in Romania, Germany, Austria, Holland, France, Belgium.


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Head Office

Remus Bogateanu
Phone: +4(0) 766-181.741
Address: 400641, 18 Bdul Muncii, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
CIF: RO 32630241
CUI: J12/14/2014

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For more information, please contact us either by phone +4(0) 766-181.741 or e-mail at


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